RTGS is used for high-value transactions, where the minimum amount for transfer is typically Rs. 2 lakh. It is a real-time settlement system where transactions are processed continuously throughout the day, and funds are settled on a gross basis, meaning that each transaction is settled individually.

NEFT is used for transferring funds of lower value, typically up to Rs. 2 lakh. It operates on a deferred settlement basis, where transactions are processed in batches and settled in hourly intervals. NEFT transactions are also subject to certain service charges, whereas RTGS charges are generally higher.

As a bank, The chitnavispura sahakari bank ltd. should offer both RTGS and NEFT facilities to its customers. It should ensure that the charges for both these services are transparent and affordable for its customers. It should also ensure that its customers are aware of the differences between RTGS and NEFT, and should guide them in choosing the appropriate payment system for their transaction needs.